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This BBS is dedicated to you, Jade!! Along with genius GEO, you have created so many wonderful & amazing songs!! They give us courage, happiness, peace, will to win, power to defeat one's loneliness or sadness and love!! We will always love you!!!!

from all your fans in the world

cozykoji from FUKUOKA JAPAN RES

From fukuoka cozykoji xoxo
love to you
Favorite ♥ALL♥ 2010/8/17 10:02 No.37 E-Mail Edit Del
Jade Villalon from USA RES
HI Everyone!

This was the best birthday card I could have ever imagined!! I am truly overwhelmed. You can not imagine how blessed I feel that so many people took the time to show me how much they care.

This was really the best birthday I ever had. I danced, drank, and celebrated life. Thank you for putting the biggest smile on my face!

You have touched my life and my heart in the most incredible way!

lots of love
Favorite ♥ALL♥ 2010/8/13 22:43 No.36 Edit Del
Satsuki from JAPAN RES
Happy Birthday Jade!!
Much love and happiness to you!!

Favorite ♥For the lonely/Lighter Shade Of blue/Empty Pages♥ 2010/8/13 17:24 No.35 Edit Del
Syuri from Japan RES
Happy Birthday, Jade!!!!!!!!!

2010/8/13 16:14 No.34 Edit Del
Tomomi from Japan RES
Happy Birthday Jade!!

30th is a special year for lady to be beautiful more and more.
Please enjoy each days or the year will go by so fast!

My recent favorite is System Down and the melody encourages me. I was listening to the song so many times when I was feeling down because my dearest cat Yonosuke kept to his bed...and passed away just recently...it still makes me cry=(

lots of love and kisses,

Favorite ♥System Down, For The Lonely♥ 2010/8/13 13:16 No.33 Edit Del
Takuya from Japan RES
Happy Happy birthday,Jade!!!
Were you able to spend a wonderful birthday?

It wishes the best happiness to come to you in the world.
Let's meet one of these days.

I Love you,Jade

Favorite ♥For The Lonely, Lacrimosa, So Deep♥ 2010/8/13 13:10 No.32 Edit Del
naoko's sister ritsuko from japan RES
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fantabulous day!
Favorite ♥After The Lights♥ 2010/8/12 21:14 No.31 Edit Del
Naoko-mimi from Japan RES
Happy Birthday,Jade!!

you have a big Party?? ;P hope you have a Brilliant dayyy!!!
I bless you from Japan. I mss you so much!!

always Aishitemasu,
Naoko + Komimi xxx
Favorite ♥Crown Of Thorns♥ 2010/8/12 17:10 No.30 E-Mail Edit Del
Kazu from Hiroshima Japan RES
Happy Birthday, Jade!!

Wishing you my hearty congratulations and good health on your birthday.

You're always in my thoughts.

With love and best wishes,

Favorite ♥For the lonely/Life is cool/Love♥ 2010/8/11 23:25 No.29 Edit Del
Jessica from France RES
Happy birthday Jade! Joyeux anniversaire! I wish you a lot of hapiness and love! I love your songs, you're my favourite singer in the whole world!
Love you! Jessica
Favorite ♥Lighter Shade of Blue♥ 2010/8/11 23:21 No.28 E-Mail Edit Del
Vhari from Scotland RES
Birthday Wish Recipe

1 ½ cups of Cheer
2 cups of Health and Happiness
Days full of sunshine and colour
Sprinkling of beautiful dreams
2 Eggs
Few fluid ounces of Milk

Mix Cheer and Health and Happiness together in a bowl
Add Sugar, Spice and All Things Nice
Mix in Eggs and Milk in equal measures
Add as much as possible of Days full of Sunshine and colour
Sprinkle in Beautiful Dreams (the more the better)

Place in an oven for 364 days. On 365th day remove and leave to cool.

For decoration:
Miles of smiles
Fun & excitement

Serving suggestion:
Cut into equal pieces and serve with lashings of Prosperity. Doing this should make the cake last all year.

Happy Birthday Jade :D

Vhari x
2010/8/11 22:24 No.27 E-Mail Edit Del
Matthew from USA RES
I would like to wish you a very happy birthday. I'm a huge fan of your projects, and I'm always trying to get my friends to listen to your music. It's gotten me through a lot in the past few years. I wish you continued success and I hope one day you can have a North American breakthrough (especially in the States)!!! Much love.
Your's truly,
Favorite ♥Graceland♥ 2010/8/11 09:09 No.26 Edit Del



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